Vector Grunge Textures

Vector Grunge Textures in high-resolution TIFF, EPS, PNG formats!+Bonus!

This amazing textures created from high quality paper scans on which i drew ink stamps from different materials. And then this paper carefully scanned (1200 dpi) and adapted for vector tracing.
In creation this textures take a part:

paper, ink, synthetic brush, sponge, linen cloth and my Hands ¯ (ツ) / ¯

Really Handcrafted!

You will receive:

-The Original Vector File (Contains 16 Vector Scans)

-16 Original TIFF (Contains 16 Scans)

-Large Transparent PNG Image Containing all 16 Textures (Easy use for Photoshop and other raster based programs)

Bonus! Include 16 ink stamps, brush strokes, lines!
-Vector File (Contains all Bonus items)

-Large Transparent PNG Image Containing all Bonus items.

If you have questions, contact : [email protected]

Thank you for your choice.