It’s not yet Christmas day, but here at DreamCatcherGirl, everyday is Christmas.  For some of you who still figured out what tech gadget for a tech savvy like you, here are 5 affordable suggestions you might want to consider. We’re pretty sure that there are other affordable tech gadgets out there that weren’t mentioned on this post, so feel free to share your thoughts on the comments portion below.

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Price: 329.00

Where To Buy: LAZADA

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1. Keyboard cups (Ctrl+Alt+Del) Type Tea Coffee Mug Set Drink Ware (Black)

These quirky CTRL + ALT + DEL design keyboard cups are perfect gifts for techie homemakers, or even the gadget-loving guys/gals in your life.

Its consist of 3 – pieces cups and 1 cup tray, made of plastic material, non-toxic, durable and available on white or black. Can be use for coffee, water or milk and for daily use.

I love its design and ideas for a simple cup made for a techie and unique person. I know this isn’t a gadget however its looks like one.

2. LDNIO 6-Port USB Charger

Exquisite detail the necessary digital charger for modern home trip. You can now enjoy your pleasant journey with LDNIO A6702 6 USB 5V-7.0A Quick Charge Desktop USB Charger. It’s more convenient to charge, supported with a single 7.0A Fast Charging! No need to worry about your journey anymore because it’s easy to carry anywhere.

This LDNIO 6-Port USB Charger is on its compact portable size, high quality construction, has 100-240V input and 5v-7v output value. Available with 6 port for large charging needs and multiple gadgets. Claiming for max of 7A output, high charging efficiency, with built-in IC which is automatically recognizing your device and lastly, provides over-charge, over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, short circuit etc. protections.

Its not indicated what is the actual size of this usb charger. Some say, its compatible with apple devices as well as with androids. For its price, not bad at all for the feature its claiming for wherein preventing the device from over-charging, fast charger, multiple usb slot available and auto-id-ing of your device.

LDNIO 6-Port USB Charger

Price: 499.00

Where To Buy: LAZADA

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Sandisk Cruzer Ultra 32GB Flash Drive USB 3.0 (RED)

Price:  449.00

Where To Buy: LAZADA

Rate:  ????

3.  SanDisk Cruzer Ultra 32 GB Flash Drive USB 3.0 (RED)

SanDisk is very known for its USB storage device quality here in Philippines. The SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 Flash Drive combines faster data speeds and generous capacity in a compact, stylish package. Spend less time waiting and transfer files to the drive up to ten times faster than with a standard USB 2.0 drive. With storage capacities up to 32 GB, the drive can accommodate your bulkiest media files and documents.

Its a USB 3.0, with 32 GB capacity, 4.5 x 1.1 x 7.8 (L x W x H cm) in size, weighing of 0.2 kg and with a 1 year warranty.

4. Wireless Mini Bluetooth 6D 3200 DPI Optical Gaming Mouse Mice (Black)

Built with the highest quality materials, this mouse was designed from the ground up to satisfy the needs of the hardcore gamer with a high quality laser sensor that provides up to 3200 DPI. With macro programming function, define your buttons by yourself, making your gaming more expertly.

Perfectly designed to fit snugly under your palm, the ergonomic shape of the mouse gives users the most comfortable gaming experience ever, especially during the most testing of battles.

This wireless mouse is ideal for laptop and desktop companion. Look decent and modern designed, comfortable, Elegant, has ergonomic design ,easy to use and handy-dandy. Its wire length is 1.5 meters, has a LED backlit design (perfect for any working and gaming place especially at night time), has a 6 buttons (incl. Wheel Key,Left Button,Right Button,Page up,Page down,DPI Switcher), Compatible with any OS,  High speed:1600 dpi, 3200 use the small ‘DPI’ button to switch the speed, but sadly, its powered by a battery type: 2 x AAA which not included on its package. Better have a rechargeable battery for this one.

Price: 438.00

Where To Buy:  LAZADA 

Rate:  ?????

E-Table Foldable Laptop Cooler (White)



Price: 477.00

Where To Buy: LAZADA

Rate:  ?????

5. E-Table Foldable Laptop Cooler (White)

The Portable Foldable Laptop Table with Cooling System can be adjusted. This computer top comes with pre-installed cooling systems to prevent overworked laptops from overheating and adjustable features that further your comfort.

The Portable Foldable Laptop Table with Cooling System is spacious enough to place your computer mouse, cups, and pens.The durable table top is foldable for easy storage or to carry around! Although laptops are supposed to be rested on the lap, portable computers hate the idea of sitting on shaky uneven surfaces with hard knee caps to boot. Plus laptops do not necessarily work well on your lap, you’ll get less space to move around and you won’t be able to you use a mouse. Give in to gizmo demands with a Portable Laptop Table with Built-in Cooling Systems, USB Port and Mouse Pad.

E-Table is not just a laptop cooler, but it is great companion when you work, study, or play. It eliminates cramping, neck strain and crouching while working on your laptop. It provides a perfectly angled, ergonomic position for comfort and operation ease.

E-Table Laptop Cooler is the simplest of solutions—with built-in fan that can cool down your laptop significantly. It’s a simple solution in a classy, sturdy package. Best of all, this table laptop cooler is compatible with all types of notebooks—making for a snug, secure fit

Its made of plastic with metal support in leg hinges, desk dimensions: 31.5 x 28 x 3.61 cm, only 3.6 cm thin, and suitable for all notebook sizes

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