If you read my previous search of affordable headset, we will proceed now on looking for a gaming keyboard. Since I already choose what kind of PC build am going through. But if you’re looking for some other stuff you can check this set of tech gadgets that i already prepared for you.

Now, i going to upgrade my keyboard as well, since am on a tight budget I look for ShopBack recommendation on a tight budget.

Let’s do the shopping online! But beforehand, we want to shop until drop to save us from shipping fee, of course. For unlimited savings on your favorite stores here is ShopBack.

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Once, you have your account, we can now shop on one of the popular online store here in the Philippines, which is LAZADA.


1. Zeus M-710 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Bundle

It has a 3 months local supplier warranty from Lazada. Once, personal computers were mainly used just for word processing, but gamers have officially made it their new console. Zeus M-710 Professional Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is built up for the gamers. Its key caps and buttons are made with special materials that can provide stability response and good quality even for frequent use. It also has Rainbow LED Light which can attract other’s attention and made you the coolest gamer ever.

Price :  399.00

Where To Buy:  LAZADA 

Ratings: This one is worth its price but don’t expect too much, some say, its not a mechanical keyboard, as it say.


2. RAOOP RP-1688 Multimedia Gaming Keyboard USB

It has a 3 months local supplier warranty from NPerfect Computer. It claiming to be  a waterproof, anti-static and anti-electromagnetic. This is a USB type of keyboard with 1.5M cable length, with ABS material and very convenient to use.

Price :  427.50

Where To Buy:  LAZADA 

Ratings: I think this won’t be good for a hardcore gamer, since its a multimedia keyboard. I like that this keyboard claiming to be a waterproof but for anti-static and anti-electromagnetic, am a bit not a bit but am undoubtedly for what purposes. Are you going to play in a high-powered game? 🙂


3. Rise Vortex DS-100 USB Gaming Keyboard

It has a 1 month local supplier warranty from EDCSR Tech . This is a USB multimedia keyboard with 104 Primary keys. It is a Plug and Play components with ergonomics design. Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/XP x64/Vista/7/8/10.

Price :  399.00

Where To Buy:  LAZADA 

Ratings: I like the simplicity of its design and hopefully, it does the work and make my game on fire.

4. Gigaware KMX-50 Mad Warrior Suspended Keypress Gaming Keyboard (Black) + Gaming Mouse

It has a NO local supplier warranty from MorganStar Marketing . This has a rainbow back light with RGB 3 LED back lit and suspended key press. Its sleek and made on ABS material.

Price :  499.99

Where To Buy:  LAZADA 

Ratings: Its’ sold out! Seems its very favorable to the gamer / user. Look definitely good and can change your mood on the game. This is what you called gaming keyboard.

5. BlueFinger M200 Gaming Keyboard with Three Color Backlight (Blue/Red/Purple)

It has a only a 14 Days local supplier warranty from NXT TECH CELLPHONE AND ACCESSORIES. This has a Blue/Purple/Red back light source. Subtle ergonomic design, the most subtle touch.19 keys with no breakthrough. Anti-skid, with stand design, you can adjust the keyboard height.

Price :  464.55

Where To Buy:  LAZADA 

Ratings: Seems like just an ordinary keyboard for me. No fancy with this keyboard except for claiming what it is not to be.

Keyboard thus not define how great player you are but how you play the game with the best in you. #lazada… Click To Tweet

Total Verdict: 

Choosing of gaming keyboard is still up to you. This post only to show what kind of keyboard you can buy in the convenient of online shopping and if you are on a tight budget. Not all of us has the money to spend for the best gaming keyboard in the market – that more than that what i shown here.

Keyboard thus not define how great player you are but how you play the game with the best in you.




How about you? Do you have any desire PC builds that you want as well? or Do you have a powerful PC setup that would like to share and inspire us?

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