Last May 7, 2016 (Saturday), I traveled from Lipa City, Batangas going to Drupal Camp Manila 2016 where be held at 10th fl, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Two Cyberpod Eton Centris Edsa cor. Quezon Ave, Quezon City. This day event will be the biggest first major community event I’ve ever volunteered for and involvement for this year, Drupal Camp Manila 2016. I waited for this day to happen and now i’m on my way there. Thanks God, no traffic encountered along the way.

After meeting our head organizer, Ms. Rachel Jaro, we proceed to the venue and started to work out things for our attendees, visitors, guests and sponsors.

At the main lobby of HPE building, we met some of the attendees, volunteers and even our sponsor’s representative and speakers. I saw glimpse of happiness and excitement from them to be ready to accept new and learn from our invited guests.

After an informal introduction on the floor, we all goes up to the preceded venue. Set the guest speakers as well as one of our sponsors on their respective place and setup the remaining items to prepare for the event. All volunteers help out to carry out the materials to all the attendees. We fold out here and fold out there with all our heart… hahaha!

The program was started with a prayer by Mr. Paul de Paula, one of the lead organizer and my mentor as well. Followed by the Mr. Eduardo Garcia, CTO at Anexus from Costa Rica, and discuss about “good community = good business”. After his very inspiring talk, we got a 15 mins. break for the room preparation and divide it into three (3) rooms. By 10:30 am, in each room the Camp topic started simultaneously.More or less 200 people attended this event: Students, Developers, Project managers and Business executives gathered around to hear and learn about Drupal.

They learned from our  topics such as Behat Testing, Docker, Scrum, Community, Drupal Contribution, Pantheon Terminus, Web Application Security, D8 Elastic Search,  Form API, Drupal Console and had workshops for Drupal 8 (2nd day).

Here’s our Drupal Camp Schedule on Day 1:

Room 1 Beginner Track (beginner) Room 2 Experienced Track (intermediate to advance) Room 3 Experienced Track (intermediate to advance) Room 4 Birds of Feather (BOF) Discussion (all)
8:00AM – 9:00AM Registration
9:00AM – 9:45AM Keynote Speaker – Eduardo Garcia
9:45AM – 10:00AM 15 minutes break and preparation of rooms
10:00AM – 11:00AM Drupal basics for Non programmers Joseph Edsel Bonilla (Web configuration and management) How to become a better Drupal developer (with real life case studies) Solihin Jinata (Case Study, Non-tech) Drupal 8 development effective and efficient with Drupal Console Eduardo Garcia (Developer) OPEN
11:00AM – 12:00NN Drupal theming introduction and basics Ruthie Hallarsis (Theme) Technical Discovery for Drupal 8 project Ravindra Singh (Developer, Non-tech) Building products for the Drupal ecosystem and their models Tom Tran (Developer) OPEN
1:00PM – 2:00PM Module Development Primer Albert Causing (Module) Scrum for Drupal projects Solihin Jinata (PM, Non-tech) Drupal 8 Elastic search Roal Umandal (Developer) OPEN
2:00PM – 3:00PM A developer’s guide to mastering forms Bryan Manalo (Modules & Forms) Case Study of Website Pratomo Ardianto (PM, Non-tech) Advance Drupal 8 Theming Suryanto Rachmat (Developer, Themer) OPEN
3:30PM – 4:30PM Drupal Contribution Leolando Tan / John Ross Castano (Community) Design Principles for Minimum Viable Product Junaid Masoodi (Design, Non-tech) Creating Your Own Custom Step Definition in Behat Joseph Chin (Developer) OPEN
4:30PM – 5:30PM Pantheon Terminus and Quicksilver Paul de Paula (Developer, Devops) DRUPAL 7 Configuraion Management and Deployment of Content Harshil Maradiya (Developer) Securing your Web Application Isaac Sabas (Developer, Devops) OPEN
5:30PM – 6:30PM Networking Break and Group Picture
7:00PM and UP Night crawl / Party

Each room comes with great topic and awesome speakers in their respective topic. How I wish i can sit on one topic and finish it.

I can say i had a very fulfilling day ahead because of this new information i had on me.

Of course, everyone enjoy and meet new friends while learning new things. This is what community is. I’ve become more inspired when I and Mr. Eduardo talked a little after the day event. I joked him if he can take me to Costa Rica and he replied, “Why would you like to join in a community?” I only said what’s on my heart, “I would like to be in a community to meet new friends, mingle and learn. Give back to the community what you learned and earned.” He just smiled and we all walk out going to our Night Crawl Party venue.

And everybody enjoy the night, exchanging thoughts, sharing information and getting to know more. We set apart with each other with a smile and new hope for tomorrow. xoxo

Day 2:

May 8, 2016, I missed to attend on this session and i really missed half of my life again. I got an unwavering feelings due to lack of sleep for 3 days. So bad for me.

Here is the schedule at that day:

Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 & 4
8:00AM – 9:00AM Registration
9:00AM – 12:00NN Drupal 8 Basic – Workshop TBA Module Development – Workshop TBA Drupal Code Sprint Drupal Pilipinas Team

The level of hard-work and collaboration of all the volunteers were impressive and thanks to Ms. Rachel Jaro of Koodi and Sir Eladio Abquina  of HP who untiringly dedicated their time to make this event a success.

In behalf of Drupal Pilipinas, we would like to thank our sponsors who made this event a successful one, to our Gold Sponsors (Bayview Technologies),

bayview tech inc

Silver Sponsors(Promet Source,Srijan),




bynaretech koodi pantheonfreelancerdevconph


BrHP_New_Logo_2Donze Sponsors(Annai, Pantheon), and Community Sponsors(CPU-Union, PhilIT, DevCon,PHP Users Group, 8 Layers,

While our Media Partner is Rappler, and our Venue Sponsor is Hewlett -Packard Philippines, such a great place.

Kudos to all of us and you!

See you on the next Drupal Event and other community activities.

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Most of images grabbed from Mr. Mark Gruta, Ms. Ruthie and Ms. Gem D. facebook account. I don’t have good camera shot all this time of event.