FineArt Wedding Pro Lightroom Preset

Fine Art Wedding Pro Light room presets are original, unique and designed to work for wedding and portrait photographers from beginner to professional. The presets will alter your RAW files to give you a similar finish to the before/after photos presented here!

Ever wanted to make your wedding photography or portrait shoots look consistent with a unique personalized style? Or simply have a quick and easy way to edit images to create that professional look?

The Lovely collection presets were made for quality over quantity, giving you a true, professional wedding photographer preset that is used daily with client’s images. So enjoy these presets today with easy instant download and a PDF Instruction booklet with tips to enhancing your images with the presets.

Once you have downloaded the images, you are also invited to join as a VIP to the Estella Preset Community Facebook group to share your images and discuss the presets.

LOVELY 02 PRESET: From the creator: Lovely 02 is an extension of Lovely 01 “Bespoke Preset”, with deep blacks yet retaining softer pulled highlights. This preset is perfect for creating more mood to an image, yet keeping it clean looking. The yellows are faded to create crisp whites.’ Remember with all presets you use, you need to have good lighting (soft lighting is recommended), good exposure and composure FIRST to an image. Having an image that is under or overexposed too much, or in harsh lighting will mean the preset needs some customizing to suit the conditions in the image.

You will receive in the pack:

Lovely 02 Preset

PDF Instruction Booklet with helpful tips on editing with The Lovely Collection presets

  • BONUS editing took kit

For Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6 & CC (best suited to RAW files, but can work on JPEG if needed) Customization is very easy to create your signature style!