What’s really with Oppo F1s doesn’t have with my android phone? Would you like also to know?Come and join me to find it out one by one. Let’s check it out.

First, let me compare with my current smart phone. (Asus Zenfone Lazer 5.5)

See the difference below.

oppo f1s vs asus zenfone 5.5 by GSM Arena

They are totally difference in a few things like mostly in their front camera MP (megapixel) capacity. Hmmm! I’m heart is pounding for this 16MP selfie camera,it’s selfie time! I want this phone where I usually love taking pictures using the front-camera together with my friends, family and especially with my hubby to capture the single moment of time.  No doubt for this Oppo F1s selfie camera is one of its best feature.

Say it, It’s great that OPPO F1s has a selfie cam with high megapixel count. Selfie time! #OPPOF1S… Click To Tweet

Secondly, the 3GB RAM and octa-core 64-bit processor fitted in OPPO’s latest selfie phone. This feature means I can run lots of apps all at the same time and the phone won’t haggle. As a blogger and web developer, I use my phone all the time both for work and play. Imagine being able to take photos while covering an event, checking website mobile compatibility, run server monitoring tools in between and do emails for an updates as well. I can’t afford lags for those multitasking jobs and I have a feeling that it won’t happen with this phone of OPPO.

OPPO F1s has 16MP front-facing camera
OPPO F1s has 16MP front-facing camera
I got it! A 3GB RAM and octa-core 64-bit processor fitted in OPPO’s latest selfie phone. For on-the-go… Click To Tweet


Thirdly, it has the fast fingerprint scanner. Yes. You’ve heard it! I don’t have that on my phone. Scan it please, hahaha! A fingerprint scanner is definitely nice to have on a phone, for additional security and privacy, and F1s’ 0.22s Touch Access is giving this feature much-needed and stand-off from other android phones.

Want an additional privacy as well security! F1s’ 0.22s Touch Access is here now. #OPPOF1S… Click To Tweet

Lastly, there are two things that really caught myattention, First is the two “4G SIM slots ” and additional memory card slot. This is such a great news 2 network to use over one phone, unlike other thin phones that features a hybrid SIM tray that can only use one network sim. Its getting better wherein you can as well increase your phone’s memory with the memory card slot which supports up to 128 GB storage. Beside from its 32 GB internal phone built-in storage, you won’t get out from phone storage for your apps, movies and selfie images.

Can store up to 128 GB of Selfie images plus the 32 GB internal memory. #OPPOF1S @oppophilippines… Click To Tweet

No doubt! That I want this Oppo F1s for its selfie camera capacity of 16 MP, best for my selfie time and hashtags #relationshipgoals. Of course, Don’t forget to visit Oppo’s websites for more details about this phone.

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