How To Set-Up a New Computer

Everyone has its dream computer setup in-front of them while doing their task. I’ve searching all over the internet and looking for ideas about a computer station or near make it. No against dreaming. Right? But before we start showcasing different set-up and modification. Let’s build a basic computer first that most of the households are looking for their child school research works, love one communication, connecting with their friends, play games and learn more over the internet.

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Whether you have a new PC  bought from a local store or freshly installing Windows on re-upgrade hardware from old desktop, it isn’t done yet. You could use a new system as-is, of course, but performing just a handful of tasks can help ensure that your PC is lean, mean, fully compatible with your hardware, and all-around pleasant for the foreseeable future. Even if you did everything yourself—starting from scratch with a blank hard drive, installing only Windows and Windows Updates—there is still plenty of tweaking to do to optimize a rig and rid it of performance-robbing bloat.


Good. Let’s get going.

First, purchase a Desktop PC from a local store near you. Make sure that the PC will incorporate what you intended to do. Don’t buy high standard computer specifications if you’ll going to use it for browsing and researching.

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Second, open the box to find the components purchased with the desktop (monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers, headset, etc.)  Make sure you check what’s on the package list and your receipt is the same and functional before living the store.

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credits to the owner: unboxing computer peripherals

Third, assemble and place your desktop in the most comfortable and convenient place inside of your house. If you have a desk, place it in an open space or easy access to everyone in your house.

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Fourth, This time, connect the necessary cables. You should have a VGA or DVI or HDMI cable for the monitor, a 3.5 mm cable for the speakers, a PS/2 or USB cable for the keyboard and mouse, a power cable, network cable for your network connection and internet.



Fifth, Last step of them all, plug in your computer power cable and connect that to an AC outlet. Make sure that your computer will lit to boot up and hear a short sound for a confirmation it is working.

computer power on

You’re set-up now.
Congratulations on your new computer.
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